Meeting in the Middle…

As I push ahead with my investigation into the REST architectural style, and I get up to speed on the Ruby/Rails/MySQL (and soon to be MAC OS X 10.5 ‘spotty cat’ dev. environment) I am carrying a niggling doubt based on my background in Enterprise SOA.

At some point my web centric activities are gonna meet the Enterprise, on whose behalf I am being afforded the time to explore this avenue. The Enterprise is a collection of MOM infrastructure variants (WebsphereMQ, BEA JMS, SonicMQ, and more recently ActiveMQ from Apache) and there has to be a linking of arms if web culture is gonna gain a rightful foothold on the edge of the Enterprsise.

I have been amazed today to locate two very useful open-source components which will make this evolutionary step a little more pleasant:

There are also rumblings around STOMP support with BEA and possible SonicMQ, although I’ve yet to confirm those intentions.

So today it has taken me less than 1 minute to have ActiveMQ installed and have ruby applications pinging each other via the STOMP adapter into the ActiveMQ broker. Even without WebsphereMQ installed as a broker – I can combine the STOMP->ActiveMQ capability with a JMS bridge such as that available in Apache ServiceMix, to open the wire-protocol gateway into the Enterprise…

I plan to post more on this topic as I get more time to wire my web applications into the guts of the business…


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