REST – Am I moving from ruby to java…?

So I’ve concluded some deep investigations around RESTful service applied to the big nasty Enterprise. I’ve been easing myself back into hacksville with Windows/Ruby/Rails/MySQL and have had an altogeher positive experience. However I’m now at a point of considering my next steps – do I go forward on Ruby/Rails or do I take this opportunity to hop onto an alternative framework.

The answer to this relates to the nature of the challenge in applying REST to the Enteprise as opposed to RESTifying a database or application instance. In the former the primary challenge relates to the formation of resoruces from potentially complex components – not atomic records or aggregations of information from a local-datasource (I’m using a trivial scenarion here as an example – not disresepcting restful applications !!).

 I have hit problems with managing synchronous and asynchronous RESTful interactions within rails to date, and these challenges are purely down to the complex linkage beween a RESTful presentation and a complex implementation landscape.

Whilst this kind or perspective may be off the mainstream from a rails-applcations perspective, it’s core to my world – and as such I benefit less from the excellent front-end rails conventions, given I’m assembling resource representations which don’t exist in an atomic sense, in a local DB.

So the key issues I now face in my next iteration (and the Rails/Java JSR311 question) are:

  1. I need a more seamless mechanism for managing undeterministic concurrency (by virtue of possibly long-running resource operations), and where dynamic threading seems cleaner than pre-defining a mongrel cluster for a known concurrency limit up front – along with a fron-end load-balancer configuration.
  2.  I need to introduce efficient, selective asynchronous interactions based around the 202-Accepted response, enabling the resource server to work on an operation whilst pushing a client away with a URI.
  3. XML Schema and validation support. I understand, to some extent, the position offered by the Ruby/REXML community in that XML Schema is over complicated and useless….and not worth implementing within the REXML library. However XML Schema is a mainstream currency in my integration (Enterprise) landscape and as such I have to deal with it. The lack of support in ruby has hampered my efforts to date.

I stress again that this is not a gripe about ruby/rails by any means – simply an observation that my Enterprise/REST context is emphasising certain integration challenges which may not be front-and-centre in the emerging waves of RESTful applications successfully launching on Rails.

So I’m looking at Jersey (JSR-311 Reference Implementation) and Noelios Restlet as options for my next leap. Both options will cover all 3 of my pinch points (I believe), and the thing I’m unsure about is the extent to which I’ll be exposed on the presentation stuff which the rails convention eats for lunch….

An interesting junction….


2 Responses to REST – Am I moving from ruby to java…?

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  2. Stew Welbourne says:

    THE ANSWER IS…WAS A RESOUNDING YES ! Now working on SpringMVC processing chains enforcing a declarative approach to manifesting a RESTful facade atop a complex Enterprise IT stack…see

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