Summer Beach Rugby…

A rare log entry about R&R. My days of full contact rugby were ended after a pair of serious injuries about 10 years ago. I’ve since attempted to get back into the game but just can’t get motivated enough simply because it now takes longer than a week for me to recover from each game…yes I’m getting old. That aint good when you’ve gotta play each week. So gradually I became deskbound and my active/potato ratio began to take a turn for the worst. Recently my brothers and a group of friends came up with a master stroke. We’d play informal touch-rugby as a means of getting fit without getting broken. It started small – and grew, and now we’re turning out weekly with an extended squad of about 20 guys. If you enjoy rugby as we do, but can no longer commit to the required level to compete in full-contact, then touch-rugby is an excellent way of getting a fix and is a fast, skillful, addictive game too.

The beauty of this plan is that now that our standard is improving we’ve broadened our horizons, and are now heading to the South of France to compete in a sponsored tournament circuit. Combining this with a family weekend in the sun – excellent. I never would have thought is – competitive touch-n-pass rugby on a beach in the sun with no physical risk to life and limb.


This link provides a taster

and so does this



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