It Might Be Just Me….But…

So I see REST as a re-claiming of the common-sense ingredient in the whole application integration landscape. I see the how the use and re-use of the web as a means of linking not only customers with business, but with any participant in a complex transaction, a fantastically liberating vision within the Enterprise. I see how REST combined with the Enterprise has the potential to weaken the strangulation of vendors, and their crippling commercial strategies on the progress of the Enterprise. And I see a gradual and accelerating simplification of how we wire together our Enterprise IT assets using web principles, as opposed to the WS/MOM/EAI stacks which have prospered under the false “SOA==WS==Fortune-and-Glory” banners waved by all the vendors over recent years…..

So….when I see a major software vendor claiming that their proprietary, highly expensive product-line will now support REST, why do I suddenly feel my head begin to shake from side-to-side slowly….whilst grinning from ear to ear with that sort of ‘I’ve been here before and it hurt‘ kind of grin?

Disecting this statement further (when my head had stopped shaking) I find that what they actually mean is not ‘supporting the exploitation of REST principles in removing unjustifiable cost and proprietary stranglehold partnership from the Enterprise by rediscovering the power and boundless coolness of HTTP, and liberating some self-confidence to use it properly…. ‘

But instead it actually means ‘you can still use our highly expensive, proprietary technology stack, therefore allowing us to propagate our lock-in strategic-alliance and stranglehold partnership, because we’ve added a http management interface that looks RESTful‘.

Slapping a RESTful management interface on my fridge aint gonna help me simplify my Enterprise is it now? 😦


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