Enterprise Integration: The Target Architecture

Refactoring architectural roadmaps. Where to start after time in the wilderness? Surveying the scale of the landscape, evolving mass of vendors, old and new initiatives and legacy sprawl. Getting that cold feeling in the pit of the stomach, like the one you get when the ‘flight’ option is removed from the ‘fight or flight’ juncture…

So how do you actually make headway and add real value to the enterprise?

My revised target architecture is summarised in the following image. We need keep the technology partners trolls under the bridges, and make sure our diverse users know where the bridges are, how wide they are, how much it costs to build one, what it costs to keep a bridge safe,  and make them forget about the noises down below…

Phase 2 will entail sealing the foundations in concrete we mixed ourselves, and re-routing the rivers. Therefore no space for ‘noise’ from the space beneath…happy times.

I’m starting to see the light…

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