This Week’s Micro-Obsession

July + Sunshine + Arctic Wind =>

Geek + Wifi + (Geek Fuel == Books) + Garden =

Green Spiky Mental Energy

Having spent some months working in an application centric continuous integration and test-oriented developement project I am now wondering how I ever survived without it? The mental loading you have to bear if you manage the ‘virtual’ CI in your head is a pretty heavy price and detracts from the creativity at the sharp end as a result of mental-resource-contenton. Having experienced the CI model for the first time, I’m a complete convert and have been amazed how simple it is to create a very effective CI process out of public-domain tools…

Now exploring if the same automation can actually be exploted to the same extent, with the same degree of certainty being introduced into large scale integration projects through a synergy of SOA and Contract-First design philosophy, Cross Domain Test Driven Development where I write tests against your contract, Continuous Integration meaning explicit verification of tests against contracts and implementations of contracts. This takes the concept I’ve been hearing about – that associated with ‘integration of components’ witin an application or system, and expands it out to sit across numerous application / system engineering projects to provide an overarchiing, verifiable build or ‘integraiton’ process triggered by modifications to key aspects of what defines the inter-domain contract.

Interesting challenge…

More later.

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