Anglet Beach Rugby 2009

July 27, 2009

The morning of the big day

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The Leeds Winoes travelled to the amazing coastal venue of Anglet near Biarritz in the South of France this weekend to take part in one of the best beach-rugby events of the year. After an amazing effort we made it through to the second round before crashing out and retreating to the beer tent. What an unforgettable experience and what an amazingly well organised event. Can’t wait for next year.


New Earswick Tag Rugby Tournement July 2009

July 14, 2009

winoes at York July 2009

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Our merry band of rugby-bandits descended onto the turf at our latest tag-rugby tournament in York on the 11th July, hosted by New Earswick RLFC. With a low turn-out we got to work and had a great time, winning out overall in what was a really good natured day. Hopefully we’ll get a bigger turn-out next year. Looks like our next stop is now the Winoes Tour to the Anglet Beach Rugby Festival in Biarritz on the 25th July, where we’ll joust with our French cousins in the shadow of what I hear is a well stocked beer tent.

Bridlington Beach Rugby 2009

June 30, 2009

Post tournament Winoes

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Our veteran team of ex-ex players, affectionately known as the Leeds Winoes, made another showing at the Brid beach-tag tournament on the 27th June. We made a close 3rd place behind West Leeds (2nd) and Bridlington-A (1st) in a great competition. Next stop is our first ‘international’ in Biarritz, France on the 25th July when we take on the best of the European circuit. Might have recovered by then.